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Thursday, May 10, 2012

...& Butterflies

This is the follow up post to "Boys...". It was supposed to be the next blog after that, but you know how that goes ;)
Anyway, I'm sure there are some that are curious as to why I named this blog "Boys & Butterflies". The "Boys" part is pretty obvious considering I live with 4 of them! But the " & Butterflies" part is something that only one or two people know about (and I'm not even sure they are aware that they know!).
In school, everyone always had their "thing" that they were crazy about. Whether it was dolphins, puppies, or zebra print stuff. So I decided my thing was going to be butterflies (little did I know the significance it would hold in my marriage). I picked them...just because they were pretty. Nothing beyond that. Every time I saw something that had a butterfly on it, I instantly loved it. But it was superficial, nothing significant.
Until my wedding day that is.... (I'm not even sure HE knows, what I am about to divulge!)
To be honest, I dated ALOT before I married Tommy. And I knew that marriage was forever, for better or for worse. I also knew that I wanted to marry Tommy and that he was the love of my life.But on my wedding day, as Tommy was at the alter waiting for the procesional to begin, and our parents were being seated. I panicked! I looked at my oldest sister and said, "But what about the butterflies?!"
She looked at me, puzzled. So I said, "I won't have anymore first dates, or first kisses!"
And in her wisdom, she said,"Yes you will!, " You will have first kisses as a married couple, first dates and kisses after you have babies! And you WILL still get the butterflies!" And my nerves were eased. With her words ringing in my ears, I confidently walked down the aisle...

And she was right! After 5 years of marriage, 3 crazy/beautiful boys, 2 heartbreaking miscarriages and more than I thought we could cram into 5 years, I still get the butterflies when He walks into a room and smiles at me :)

Tommy- I love you, and thank you for the Butterflies <3

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