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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What I learned from having pink eye...

Exactly two weeks ago, today, I woke up with pink eye! I have NEVER had this in my life, so I was mortified!! It made me feel germy, ewww!!
So because of the dreaded PE, I had to throw away my current pair of contacts (what a pain b/c I only have one pair left!) and ALL of my eye make up. I was distraught! Anyone that knows me well, knows that I don't go ANYWHERE without my concealer (hello raccoon eyes!) , eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara - go ahead call me high maintenance! To this Mr. B replied, "So? What's that gonna cost? Like ?10 bucks?"
Oh Mr. B, who lives in boy land....what can I do with him?? I love him, but he had no idea! Mascara alone would cost $10!!
So since I am ever frugal and budget friendly (I refuse to call myself cheap), two weeks later, I still haven't bought any makeup :/
But I have learned a few things in the past two weeks that I would have never learned without getting the funk:
1.)Mr. B prefers me without makeup (big plus!!!)
2.)It's pretty nice to be able to spend a sweaty day outside and not worry that my makeup has slid down my face and that I now look like an extra from "Night of the Living Dead".
3.)My niece (who is a lover of makeup herself :)) said I looked "fresh faced"! I took it as a compliment :)
4.) I feel like I look younger??
5.)I don't really have raccoon eyes-they just look that way in comparison to the face I'm used to seeing in the mirror.
6.)That face that I was used to seeing...wasn't mine....
7.)God made me, so those freckles that I "have" to hide are there on purpose.
8.)Makeup can act as a mask. When I've been up all night with NKOTB, it's too easy to cover up the dark circles with concealer and when someone asks me how I'm doing to say, "fine!" When actually I'm exhausted beyond relief and could use a break.
9.) It's OK to not look perfect all the time. Flaws can be pretty too!
10.) I actually like myself without make up :)
11.) I wish I would have gotten pink eye years ago!!
Penelope Cruz-with and without makeup
Now don't get me wrong, I will probably go out and replace my makeup (maybe ha!). But at least I don't feel like I "have" to wear it, or I can't leave the house! It's very liberating to like myself just the way God made me.....freckles, dark circles, brown mousy hair and all :))

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