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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Heart of the Matter

Concerning previous posts, I have been accused of being judgemental, legalistic, harsh etc. This was never my intention in writing this blog. My intention was and still is to encourage Christian women in their walk with God. When I write about my personal convictions,  I try to stress the point that they are exactly that...personal. I put them on this blog for those who maybe have seen some changes in me-changes that God is making from the inside out, or for someone who is feeling the stir of conviction herself but needs some encouragement.
 Because let's face it- it's hard to be different! And it feels really good to find someone who agrees with you.
My convictions do come from God (because believe me, I wouldn't be putting myself through this for anyone else!), and I don't need justification from anyone. By asking for someone's opinion, I am simply reaching out. Why am I reaching out? Because making choices that go against mainstream (even mainstream Christianity) can be isolating.
Think about it...say God lays standards for entertainment on your heart (mine happen to be Philippians 4:8), and there is this movie that EVERYONE is going to see. BUT it goes against your do you feel? Alone?.....So do I...
I can guess that someone will accuse me of pitying myself for writing this or of calling myself a martyr. But that is not why I am writing this. I am writing this to apologize to those that I have offended by my stance on certain subject. To those that I have pushed aside because they don't share my views. And to those that I have silently (or not so silently) admonished for having a different opinion.
I will continue to post blogs, but hopefully they will come across as more encouraging and less critical. But I do ask that you as a reader remember that I am a person, with feelings.
So here's to hoping that I have mended some bridges, and opened some hearts.
Please leave me some feedback, so that I know that SOMEONE read this. No admonishments please :)


Sabrina said...

I read pretty much all of your post, and never have I thought of you as judgmental or critical. I think you are a woman doing your best to serve God!


Hillary-Kay said...

I love all of your post! It stands out to people who need more insight on Christianity and Godly values!! You are a great woman of God!! Keep it up!! :)

The Momma said...

I totally understand where you are coming from in this post! It IS hard to be different but that is what the Lord has called all Christians to be!