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Monday, March 26, 2012

Moderation (or "I think I'm trying too hard")

So I went to the mall this morning, and apparently I got there about 20 minutes too early. So I took Crazy C and NKOTB for a stroll around the mall.
What is it about the windows that make you want to buy everything!?! Crazy C was enamored by it all, apparently I need to get me kids out more often LOL.

Anywho, as I was strolling around, a weird sensation came over me. All of a sudden, I felt like Ms. B again. The real Ms. B!! Not the Ms. B who cares what everyone thinks of her. Not the Ms. B who's trying to be "The best that she can be". The Ms. B who dresses weird, and doesn't care. The Ms. B who makes mistakes (a lot). The Ms. B who likes fashion and doing hair.

And that's who I am, for better or worse. I can't help it. THAT is who God made me to be, not a better version of myself, just....myself.

Lately I have been trying sooo hard to figure out who I am, what I should wear, how I should act. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with trying to better yourself (especially when you're doing it to please God). But in trying to better myself, I have lost myself. And that does NOT please God! He has made us all different. And that's OK!!! That's the spice of life :)

So here is a revised version of : Who I AM

I am...
a woman
a Christian
a wife
a mother (to 3 boys,and I don't have to have 19 kids and counting if I don't want to!)
a funky dresser
a klutz
a hairstylist (at heart until I finally get my license)
a sister
a daughter
an aunt
a book devourer
a writer

and, most importantly... me!