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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Blog Makeover!!!!!

Boys & Butterflies will be getting a makeover this week, in appearance AND content!
I started this blog with the intention to encourage other Christian mamas. But it (and I in return)has become something it was never meant to be.
I am confessing that those who called me judgemental were right! And I can prove it:

Yesterday as I was in the Dollar Tree, I saw 3 buzzed head, heavily tattooed guys walking up to people and asking them something. My immediate reaction (almost subconscious!) was, "Are they asking for money?!" So I inched closer and was SHOCKED by what I overheard...they were handing out Bible tracts and asking the recipient if there was anything they could pray for!!

I turned the corner and hung my head in shame...
I am more than embarrassed at my judgmental thoughts and I'm thankful that others couldn't hear them.
It led me to ask myself this question: When did I become like the Pharisees? Looking the part on the outside and saying all the "right" things (and posting them on facebook!) but my inside is as ugly as...sin.

So that's what I did, I confessed it as sin and begged God to forgive me! Now I'm trying to get back a place....even though I'm not sure where or what that is.

All I know is that in trying to live a holy life, I have pushed all of my friends away (and blamed it on "no one wants to hang out with someone who has a bunch of loud kids") and have lost "me".

So I'm doing  A LOT of praying and soul searching and trying to figure out who I am again, and what exactly I AM  supposed to be doing. Because what I have been doing...isn't working!!

So my first step is to make this public apology to those that I have judged harshly. I am truly sorry if I have done anything in a "holier than Thou" attitude or offended you by anything I have put on Facebook or if I have pushed you away. Now is the time that I truly need some friends, and I find myself lacking...

And just in case yesterday's episode wasn't enough of a wake up call, God showed me this in our nightly family Bible Time:
 " God does not see the same way people see. People look at the outside of a person, but the Lord looks at the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7
     Other people see you from the outside, and sometimes people will judge you by the way you look. But God doesn't care how you look on the outside. Why? Because God is wiser than that; God cares about what you are on the inside-God sees your heart.
     If you're like most people, you'll worry a little bit about the way you look (or maybe you worry a lot about it). But please don't worry too much about your appearance!
     How you look on the outside isn't important...but how you feel on the inside is important. So don't worry about trying to impress other people. Instead of trying to impress other kids, try to impress God by being the best person you can be."

Talk about "divine revelation"!!
God will use whatever He can to get to us, and yesterday he used 3 tattooed guys and my children's devotional....

My second step is to give B&B a makeover, this blog will now be the home of all things thrifty and crafty-anything to save you money! From homemade baby items to couponing to Thrift Store finds, oh and also my side business who shares the same name!

Please give me some feedback on this one! All comments are open :)



Anonymous said...

Im so proud to call you my sister in law! You are always striving to better yourself! Just don't try to be something you think you should be. i like the red headed, nose peirced, holy spirit led you :)

Jaclyn said...

:) ohhhhh..... us heavily tattooed Jesus Freaks :) always catching people by surprise lol.

Good post, my ffriend. It take's a lot to confess our wrong.