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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Child Training Bible

 So I have stumbled across the most amazing product! It's called the Child Training Bible. And basically this puts God's opinion and directions regarding your children's behavior at your fingertips (literally!)

How does it work? First you need a Bible, or you can buy one from their website ( Then you order your kit, which comes with tabs for anything from lying to eating your veggies. Then you wait for a trainable moment with your child (nice choice of words, huh?). Then the magic happens. Instead of getting frusterated because you can't remember where in the Scriptures it says that your child MUST obey you -- because let's face it, NONE of us have the whole Bible memorized!-- you can look up the corresponding tab and VOILA the correct scripture is revealed! You can show your child that they are to obey and here's why!

I totally want one! And guess what, they're giving away 3 of them!!!! So go enter before the deadline!!!

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